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I like the cooking example in Section 1.15, but I found:

We are very fond of code re-use so we thought we would include some further recipes:
? Spaghetti bolognese is bolognese on boiled and drained spaghetti.
? Macaroni and cheese is cheese sauce on boiled and drained macaroni.
? We want everyone to enjoy functional cooking, so some may find this alternative
? Cheese sauce is tomato paste, tahini, oil, rice flour, red miso, soy sauce, soy milk,
nutritional yeast mixed.

There seems to be something with with the last two bullets — maybe promote the first to Paragraph text, and rename the second?
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I think you have mixed up the book that u r reading smilie .. This is not from my book .. there's no section 1.15 in Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling ..

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ok, sorry.