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Excellent Book that covers from Novice to Ninja. I feel very comfortable of reading this book and I never felt that I am new to Java script world.

I have bought almost all Meteor materials in online but I still feel that I am comfortable of reading this.

Most of the real world applications is having modal dialog to choose the data from modal to main page but I feel that this could be covered in any one of your sample source code.

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Thanks a lot for your kind words, we are very happy about it smilie
I am no sure we will be able to squeeze in a modal for one of the examples in the book. I will try and at least have one in the code samples, but it is not very complicated.
I assume an example using Bootstrap modals is what you are looking for, right?
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Thanks for considering my request. That's right. I know it is hard to accommodate any extra sample as the book is now in finishing state but thought this can be done if there is any room in it..

For eg, The bootstrap modal dialog will have list of rows in the Grid and the main employee screen will get deptno from modal and populated.

I have really enjoyed your book by starting simple example to till load balancing the meteor apps..

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I also vote for modals. Data lifetime for a modal is not really clear. Is it a standalone template? Should we have data attached to the modal parent? etc..
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Hi Stephan,
I have bought only PDF version of this book and want to go for hard copy now by paying the difference amount. However, I could not see the option in manning.com. Can you please refer someone who I can contact and get it done?

Siva A
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339213 wrote:Can you please refer someone who I can contact and get it done?

Hi Siva,

I have no particular person I could contact for that - the best option is to use the support contact form at https://account.manning.com/support/index

Let me know if it works for you!
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+1 for reactive modal smilie