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Jeremy, I've gone through all 7 chapters and found your book incredibly helpful.

While going through the exercises in chapters 4 to 6, I captured a few minor technical points that came up in the iBooks version. You may have these marked already but if not, here they are:

Chapter 4:

File name issue at: "<i class="icon ion-ios7-partlysunny">. It seems icon name should be ion-ios-partlysunny. (Running Ionic 1.0.0-beta.14.)

Chapter 4:

For the tour section, the pager element isn't showing up by default. (Using the latest Chrome on Mac OS X). It seems to require an attribute as follows: <ion-slide-box show-pager="true">

Chapter 5:

Tab Icons: The icons had different file names ("ios" in place of "ios7") and there may not have been an outline for the COGS icon.

<ion-tab title="History" icon-on="ion-ios-analytics" icon-off="ion-ios-analytics-outline"></ion-tab><ion-tab title="Currencies" icon-on="ios-ios-cog" icon-off="ion-ios-cog">

Chapter 5:

Listing 5.17 shows the wrong file path (www/views/rates/rates.js instead of rates.html)

Popover: The "padding" css class seems to be missing.

Chapter 5: There was no reminder to add currencies to index.html or to the app.js file

Chapter 6:
- I should probably know this by now, but there was no reminder to add <script src="views/search/search.js"></script> to index.html.

Chapter 6:
- Listing 6.25: I ran into an error (Chrome, Mac OS X) where the Modal Chart items were being rendered with a size of 34x34, due to a conflict with an ng-binding related CSS style. To fix this I just added an exclamation mark to indicate the 100% was important:

<div class="item" style="width:100%!;" collection-repeat=etc.


All minor points, but thought I would pass them along in case they help during editing.

Thanks again for producing such a great book. I really liked the tutorial "build an app" style approach and look forward to the final chapters.


Tom McLellan

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the great notes. I have addressed many of these already in the drafts, but the MEAP does not yet have them. I will be sure to comb through and verify each of these asap. I've finished the entire book, so at this point I'm doing a lot of editing and fixing the examples to work with the latest version of Ionic (such as the icon class names that changed on me from the betas).

It makes the effort of writing the book very rewarding to know that people find it to be a very useful tool, and thanks for taking the time to provide such detailed feedback. It is greatly appreciated, and will be fixed in the future drafts if not already done!

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Oh also, there were changes between beta14 and RC for collection repeat. The code is updated in Github, but the MEAP doesn't yet reflect the changes.
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Just doubled checked every item, they are all resolved and should be in the next MEAP release very soon.