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The bad news: I can't find where you've directed us to include search.js in index.html. The good news: your teaching has been sufficient that I was able to debug this missing element when the app wouldn't run. smilie

(Apologies if I merely missed this content... I did a brief scan looking for it and also searched on search.js.)
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It appears I don't explicitly state it, but I do have you create the file. I'll add that to the chapter, thanks.

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Even if you don't mention adding it, having it show up in the code samples later might be enough, as long as the addition is bolded. I think it's good to start to wean us off of being told each thing explicitly each time. For example, saying "add the javascript file you just created to the index.html file" without including the actual code snippet should still work after you've shown us 2 or 3 times how to do this. You can even point back to the earlier examples as you already do about the Git stuff. It's up to your style and Manning's requirements, of course. This is just one coder's opinion. smilie