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In www/views/tour/tour.html, weather icon should be

<span class="icon icon-slide ion-ios-partlysunny"></span>

instead of

<span class="icon icon-slide ion-ios7-sunny"></span>
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Thanks, I've already fixed this in the chapter, but the MEAP hasn't been updated since I made those changes. Ionic v1 changed the Ionicons to version 2, so this was setup on the older Ionicons.

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Hi Jeremey,

First of all, great book! I very recently downloaded it and it seems the slide for weather information now has an ion-fork icon. Not sure what happened here but I suppose it should be some weather-related icon like ion-ios-partlysunny.

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Can you point to a specific line or place where you see this issue. Is this in the book and/or in the GitHub code?
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Of course, sorry... I should have mentioned that.

It's in the PDF version of the book, section 4.7, page 91 (or PDF page 99) where you discuss the slide box. I just checked the Github code and there the icon is set to 'ion-ios-sunny' so no problem there.

Thanks for your quick response! Keep up the good work smilie

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I think this has been fixed in the latest versions of the book. The last version I have from last week is correct. The book is about to go to production so the MEAP will be updated with the final versions very, very shortly.

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I may have a version that's just a few days older then yours then. I ordered and downloaded it the 1st of September.


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I just checked the current version you can download, and I see the ion-fork icon there where it shouldn't be. However, the GitHub project and the final version of the book are correct. Thanks for the report!
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No problem!