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I have spent hours on this and cannot solve -- in chapter 4 I cannot get the view title to appear. (I get the blue nav bar)

Here is the view:
<ion-view title="Paradise Resort" hide-back-button="true">


And here is the relevant part of app.js:
angular.module('App', ['ionic'])

    .config(function ($stateProvider,$urlRouterProvider) {
        $stateProvider.state('home', {


.run(function($ionicPlatform) {......

No errors are thrown, but the view does not show up. (The view file is in views/home/home.html) What simple thing am I missing? (I added the 'bohunk' view to make sure the home view was being found ... it was.)

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The title attribute has been renamed to view-title for ionView since I wrote the original example. I've already updated the code in the example on GitHub so you can see it here.


I've already updated the chapter, but the MEAP hasn't been updated with these changes yet. Let me know if that doesn't solve it for you!