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I just ordered this book. I was hoping for an up-to-date coverage on forms and validation, only to find old stuff smilie

I has been watching and was looking for a textbook with up-to-date coverage.


* Why are you not covering ng-messages and ng-message ???
* Why do you recommend "novalidate" on forms - in 1.3 html 5 validators do work !
* Also - in your coverage and directives: Why do you use Link (I believe it is to be deprecated). Why not controllers and "bindToController" ???
* Finally - I thing I have read that you should not use $scope in your controllers, but use "controller as" and "this". I did not find this in your book (you are using "old style $scope")

Do you plan to update the book - or will it stay "outdated"?
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Hi there --

Valid criticism but we have updated the book to 1.3 and it is being prepared for final print. The problem is that it takes quite a bit of time to update an entire book to a new version of Angular especially given how fast Angular is evolving. The sample app will be updated with additional commentary on my blog