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I know you've already written your earlier chapters, but I just found out about Ionic-box (, and it TOTALLY simplifies setting up a development environment. It might be worth a sidebar when you're explaining how to set up Ionic on your local box.

Also, will you be covering your recommendations regarding development environments for Ionic? IntelliJ, Webstorm, Sublime Text, Notepad++, ...? If you've already covered this after chapter 5, disregard this question... I'll find out the answer when I get to that section. LOL
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Ionic Box was great when it first came out, though it didn't exist when I wrote my chapter. I made a note to mention it, but I don't intend to go into great detail how to setup and use it. In fact, it appears to be a bit outdated right now, and it doesn't seem to have the full attention it needs.
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After I posted this, I tried running ionic build android on code that had already had ionic platform add android successfully run on it, and it throws errors, so you may be right. I voted for Ionic stack to be added to the Bitnami collection, which would ensure that a ready-to-use stack is maintained. Maybe when you write your v2.0 version of the book, they'll have picked it up. smilie