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Great book!
I was very pleased to find the note in section 5.2 about the "experimental" hasmethod() and hasfield() feature for "declare parents" statements as it really suits my use case.
Having got that working with the "traditional" syntax I tried to convert my aspects into @AspectJ form, due to some issues with tooling, and I cannot get the @DeclareMixin using hasmethod() to work:

[INFO] --- aspectj-maven-plugin:1.7:compile (compile_with_aspectj) @ common ---
[INFO] Showing AJC message detail for messages of types: [error, warning, fail]
[WARNING] no match for this type name: hasmethod [Xlint:invalidAbsoluteTypeName]
	<unknown source file>:<no line information>

Is it just not supported with the @AspectJ syntax?

Thanks for any clarification you can provide smilie