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A month later and no response from the author! Absolutely disappointing.
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Just like you, i believe there have been to mouch silence about the progress on this MEAP, and yes it seems that neither the author or publisher is in here to often to answer questions like yours.

Anyhow, as far as i believe it can't be long before the next chapters come out.
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"No Response" is not correct. On Apr 04, i got a private message with the offering to participate in the Review of the book... but i did not reply. I needed the book until march of this Year. Although i got some Information out of the beta chapters, the book will come too late for me...

I think that it is no good practice to write a book over 2-3 years and when it finally gets published it is obsolete.
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Hello - the book is almost written...please have a read of my most recent forum entry for a full explanation. You are correct that taking so long to respond is unacceptable and I apologise. I have not been receiving alerts for new topics in the forum, but I should have been manually checking.

James Bannan