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Excellent book so far. Really glad I made the purchase. Please forgive my ignorance this is my first dive into creating an application I'm having a difficult time understanding this concept that session variables aren't as good as reactive variables. I find myself using template.registerhelper to register session variables globally. I'm going to re-read chapter 5 but as of now I'm still a bit confused about sessions polluting the global variables. My best guess as to understanding this currently is that react vars are like variables in a function?
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Glad you find the book helpful smilie

Regarding chapter 5 - there is a whole rewrite coming that removes Reactive-Var altogether. We have factored out a (short) explanation of ReactiveVar to chapter 4 and rely on local collections in the new chapter 5.

The difference between Session and ReactiveVar is rather quick to explain. Let me know if the next MEAP update with a revised chapter 4 helps you understand or if it is still lacking.
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MEAP v8 has all the changes mentioned. You can download it from your account page.