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Excellent news just in time for the book. Spock 1.0 is now available!


All the instructions contained in the appendix of the Meap_v1 are now obsolete (they are more complex than what is needed)

Installation and usage of Spock in much easier now. The Spock binaries are once again in Maven central, so the snapshots repo is not needed any more.

Over the next days I will update the book source code as well at github, to reflect the changes.

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Thanks when will the next version of the book be released - 1st week of April 2015.

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Hello Laurence

I have already updated the appendix for Spock 1.0. I have even added step by step guides on how to use the source code of the book
with Eclipse and Intellij.

I have also added a completely new chapter - Chapter 4.

Both have been submitted to Manning for internal review. So after they are approved the next MEAP will be online.

I would say next week (2nd week of April) but of course it depends on any last minute changes and fixes.

If you use twitter you can also get updates for the book at https://twitter.com/codepipes

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Following - Thanks for the update !