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I want to create my own library project ,to share common function calls to other projects ,as described in chapter 15.1 in the book. However, I still cannot make it work after some work. Can you describe the steps in details.
So far, what I understand is that the library project will first marked as a library in the build path dialog box and hence a jar file will be created in the library project bin folder. Also the calling project will refer to this jar file and the jar file will be automatically updated when the library project is modified.

My project crash when I instance the class:

import com.example.aBootManager.MyFunctions;

public class ButtonActivity extends Activity {
MyFunctions myFun = new MyFunctions();

below are the error log:
02-22 21:39:56.067: E/dalvikvm(13926): Could not find class 'com.example.aBootManager.MyFunctions', referenced from method course.examples.UI.Button.ButtonActivity.<init>
02-22 21:40:05.187: E/AndroidRuntime(13926): in writeCrashedAppName, pkgName :course.examples.UI.Button

Also, I want also to know when the apk of several apps that made use of the library are installed on the android device, are all apps will be using the different versions of the library at the time it is compiled?