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Kindle version of ebook contains repeated descriptions of sections, chapters, listings, etc.
For example the latest sentence in 1.4.1 is "... you set up in section 1.7.3" in PDF, but it is "... you set up in section _the section called "Installing PostGIS"_ ".
While having names of sections (here Installing PostGIS) is better than just numbers (1.7.3) it is slightly annoying to have "section the section" or "in chapter Chapter 14" and so on.

The last sentence in Section 3.3 misses link to the Appendix A - it is just the text, not the link to the chapter.

I also noticed some missing capitalisation in SQL in section 1.4.3, INSERT INTO ch01.restaurants (franchise, geom)
ST_Transform(ST_SetSRID(ST_Point(lon,lat),4326),2163) As geom
FROM ch01.restaurants_staging;

As - shouldn't it be AS?

Similarly Listing 1.6 - none of As is fully capitalised.

And some style fixes.
Section 4.1, PgAdmin III: Instead of "Via the pgAdmin interface, you can launch ..." I'd use "You can launch psql session via the pgAdmin interface ..."
4.4.1 contains "or you can download extracts of key areas such as those available at" - this sounds a bit strange, maybe "you can download extracts of key areas at various sites, for example at URL".

Listings at section 7.4.2, describing ST_histogram, miss descriptions, so the text is "Listing Listing 7.13 ``'' returned histogram for band 2 (...) As a result, the output in listing ??? returns 6 rows...".

And, the beginning of Chapter 13, about topologies: "I creat another polygon".

Hope that helps.