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lnorth (6) [Avatar] Offline
#2 fails when the default time zone is not GMT. Preceding #2 with
TimeZone.default =  TimeZone.getTimeZone('GMT')
corrects the problem.
Mittie (397) [Avatar] Offline
in the latest version, the code is

def tz = TimeZone.getTimeZone('GMT')
def format = 'd MMM YYYY HH:mm:SS z'
out = "Date is ${date.format(format, tz)} !"

assert out == 'Date is 1 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT !'

Does that work for you?

thanks for posting
lnorth (6) [Avatar] Offline
No. It's this snippet from v17 that fails:

import static java.util.Calendar.*

def date = new Date(0)
def dateMap = [y:date[YEAR]-1900, m:date[MONTH], d:date[DAY_OF_MONTH]]
def out = "Year $dateMap.y Month $dateMap.m Day $dateMap.d" //#2
assert out == 'Year 70 Month 0 Day 1'

With default TimeZone ID America/Chicago, the Groovy Console output is:

Assertion failed: 

assert out == 'Year 70 Month 0 Day 1'
       |   |
       |   false
       Year 69 Month 11 Day 31

Mittie (397) [Avatar] Offline
ok, got it.

thanks a lot
lnorth (6) [Avatar] Offline
Listing 8.18 has a similar problem.
Mittie (397) [Avatar] Offline
Yes, I see.
But I would say that we leave listing 8.18 as is because setting the timezone would just distract from the explanation of categories.

But it is anyway a good finding.
Keep them coming!

thanks for posting