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Two of the APIs used in Ch 3 have been rendered obsolete by the W3C since the book's publication:

  • File API: Directories and System
  • File API: Writer

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    Just thought I'd give a heads up
    - matt

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    Yeah, we got a little unlucky on that chapter, we also had several things we moved to an appendix because they were tentative at the time of writing which have since become widely implemented (e.g. the Vibration API which became a W3C Recommendation today). Though given we did the bulk of the writing in 2011 and 2012 when so much of the spec was still tentative I think we got pretty lucky overall.

    I think it's likely we will see some equivalent to these APIs in the future, for some background on why other vendors didn't implement these particular APIs check out Why no FileSystem API in Firefox?.