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Hello Mr. Khan -

Really great book to get into the core values of FP and Scala quickly.

Having come from a Java background, I was still having some issues with Scala and some of its 'syntactic sugar.'

Thank you for the book. The design principles you have applied are especially good for getting concepts quickly. The examples are fluid and very appropriate in the way you develop them.

I was able to go through the 6 chapters and examples with relative ease and had the 2 questions outlined below.

Look forward to your reply and to the next chapters.

Meanwhile, when should we expect the next chapters - I am especially looking forward to the Actor framework and Akka.


PG.110 (115):
- The function - def add - where does this function get placed?
- It cannot be inside abstract class Tree as it referes to BST
- Cannot be in Leaf
- Cannot be in BST
- So where does - def add - go?

Page.154 (160):
- To implement SwitchState as a shared library
- Do I have to follow the directory structure for the packages shown?
- Reason I ask is because I thought in Scala (unlike Java) we do not necessarily have to maintain the directory structures as explicitly, but are implicitly created by the compiler given definitions on top eg. package grokkingfp.ch06.
- Does the file package.scala need to named package.scala?

Best regards.