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Hello, everyone--I just wanted to let you know that we released chapters 1-10 today (the note mentions 1-11, but we won't have chapter 11 for at least another two weeks). I apologize for any confusion, and thank you for your continued interest in this title! --Jenny Stout, Developmental Editor
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Thank you for your work !!! I was waiting for new chapters
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I am really pleased to see the progress on this book, but I'm also frustrated.

When MEAPs come out, part of my motivation for buying them has been to support and encourage the authors, but of course the rest of it is that there's a subject that interests me that I want to learn more about.

What I'm troubled by with this book, and the now infamous Groovy In Action 2nd edition, is that the MEAPs are sold to us too soon, before the authors have truly committed to releasing the books and in this case the signs are obvious that finishing the content is pretty low down their priorities.

Don't get me wrong, that's fine and I understand why the authors would do that, but Manning? Is it anything but raw greed driving this behaviour?

From now on MEAPs aren't for me. If I want my books cheap I'll get them from the usual online bookseller, at least I know they'll be finished before I hand over my money.

Thanks again Roland and Jamie - I'm sure it'll be a great book when it's done, I hope it's still current too.
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Hi, Tony. Thanks for your feedback. FWIW, this is not a reflection of Manning - they've been all over Roland and I for some time to continue to contribute to the book. The blame for the delays is solely on us, and me in particular.

We are highly motivated to get a lot of content out in the next few months in support of Roland's work with the updated Coursera Reactive course that will be released this Spring.

Thanks for your support!
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OT: RE: Coursera - Latest MEAP release, 1/31/2015
Oh! I'm happy to hear about the reactive-001 course to be repeated! I'll need to reserve some extra time for it now smilie
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To avoid confusion:

chapters 1-10 in v3 seem to be

chapters 1-3 from v2 after
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331751 wrote:To avoid confusion:

chapters 1-10 in v3 seem to be

chapters 1-3 from v2 after

Not quite: version 3 features a completely new chapter 1, the following two chapters are reworked versions of the previous chapters 1 & 2, and the second part (chapter 4–10) is the result of splitting up the previous chapter 3—review feedback suggested that the material was too much for one chapter. Updates were made in particular to align the book again with version 2 of the Reactive Manifesto.

In the next version we will add chapter 11 on Testing and start reworking chapter 3 to remove some factual errors from the Rx section and integrate a broader technology overview.
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Any dates on sending the printed copies?
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Chapter 17 code
I cant find code for chapter 17 on github. Can you please put it there as soon as possible. I am building an app based on CQRS.

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I cant find the code too. Could you pleaseput in there?
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