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This section is a little misleading. While it is true to say that official MDG support for SQL is on the roadmap (and therefore not currently available), there are options for MySQL - including reactive MySQL - right now. The numtel:mysql package, which I am using, gives full reactivity from server to client (table changes on the server are reactively available in the client). However, there is no "mini-SQL" for the client, which means that if you want latency compensation and/or transparent client-to-server updates, you will need to roll your own code - little more than server-side Meteor methods with client calls and method stubs.

I would argue that Meteor is extremely well positioned to accommodate relational data, at least if you are using MySQL.
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Thanks, I will look a bit more into this and rephrase the section.
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V7 of the book was published today with an update to the USING SQL AND ALTERNATIVE DATABASES section that mentions community packages as a solution to interact with SQL databased. However, we still list it as a disadvantage.