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Adobe has an EPUB reader called Adobe Digital Editions:

When opening the EPUB version of "Meteor in Action Version 6" in "Adobe Digital Editions" one is not able to change the font size of the text. The font size stays very small, irrespective which font size is chosen in the reader. See the attachment as an example.

I have tested on my Android cell phone using UB Reader:

Here too, the font size remains the same size irrespective which font size I choose in the app.

Another Android EPUB reader, Moon Reader, however does resize the font. As does the Calibre reader on Windows. So the behavoiur is reproducalbe on some apps, on others not.

Perhaps the EPUB generation tool you are using does something non-standard to the rendering of the text so that later the readers are not able to change the font size correctly. Other EPUBs, also from Manning, that I tested with work fine. Of course it could also be a bug in the apps themselves, but it did make me wonder that it happens in more than one app, and other books work fine.

Just thought I might mention this just in case there is some problem you have when generating the EPUB files.


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I suspect if other books behave well that this might be fixed in the final production stages. If that does not work, we must get some technical Manning folks on board, I know only Meteor smilie