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I've decided to write a short blog-type post every week here on this forum. These posts are exclusive to this forum, and they will primarily be about the writing of the book.

There are over 330 figures and screen shots in this book. I know because not only did I make the figures or take the screenshots, I also had to rename these files.

When I first started this project, and I had to draw a figure or take a screenshot, I saved the corresponding file into something that made sense to me at the time. For example, figure 1 in chapter 1 is from a file named single_point_of_contention.png. Easy enough!

But a few chapters later, I learned that the production process demands that all figure and screen shot files follow the convention CC_NN. CC is for chapter, and NN is for the figure number in that chapter. So single_point_of_content.png had to be renamed 01_01.png. Again, easy enough: a renaming exercise.

However, I realized I had a severe issue after I learned I needed to renumber certain chapters and figures. This does happen in the editing process. 01_01.png might end up being 02_01.png. Or vice-versa! It led to a momentary bit of insanity. I realized I needed a script that could do the renaming on-demand.

The first few lines of that script:

# Chapter 01 - Before You Begin
cp single_point_of_contention.png $image_dir/01_01.png # Frowny faces
cp distributed.png                $image_dir/01_02.png # Happy faces

# Chapter 02 - An Overview of Git and Version Control
cp vc-personal.png                $image_dir/02_01.png # Revs not Vs
cp vc-personal-with-saves.png     $image_dir/02_02.png

With this convention, I still save files with an easy-to-remember name, but when I need to rename them, I run the script and generate the correctly named files. Any renumbering can be done by editing the script. (Unfortunately, it's not as easy in a Word document. Renumbering figure captions was a tedious slog.)

I haven't had to deal with actual production folks yet, but I'm hoping this saves my sanity about a month from now!

Thank You everyone, for reading.

There won't be a BLOG post next week, due to the American holiday known as the Super Bowl.