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Earlier this year, the gnuplot development team released gnuplot 5 - the first major gnuplot release in almost a decade!

I am taking this opportunity to update my book "Gnuplot in Action". The second edition will be completely updated to cover the new features in gnuplot 5, but it will also incorporate many improvements, big and small, compared to the earlier edition. The new edition will also reflect some learnings that have arisen in the time since the first edition was written.

As you can see from the table of contents, there will be 5 new chapters, bringing the total to 20 chapters. But the high-level table of contents hides how much new material is distributed throughout the book: the second edition will almost be a new book!

The first few chapters are now available for preview. We are also looking for qualified reviewers; if you would like to be included, contact the publisher or me.

This is also a good time to make suggestions for improvements or new material, or to bring typos or errors in the first edition to our attention.

Take a look at the new table of contents, read a few of the preview chapters - and tell us what you think!

Philipp K. Janert