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Source code highlighting would be highly welcome, even a basic highlighting scheme would make the code listings much more readable (I was a bit surprised that code is not highlighted at all)!
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Not sure I can do anything about that. Could you share an example of what you mean. Then I can share it with the publisher.
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have uploaded two screenshots, one of the book and one of the same code with basic syntax highlighting. Would have uploaded an example from a Pragmatic programmers book as they have a pretty syntax highlighting in all of their books but I am not sure if this would violate their copyright.
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have to add that a major reason for me to buy directly from the publisher at Manning and Pragprog is that the formatting is much better in the pdf than in the Kindle version. It would be sad to not use this advantage to the fullest possibility.
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We have talked to Manning and there may be a way for us to apply attributes to the code samples. We are waiting to hear more. Thanks again for raising this issue and I hope we can have it resolved for you by the time we print the book.
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cool, thank you!