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On heading 2.3.3 there is a paragraph that reads:
Remember what happened when you clicked the button? I told you there was some event binding somewhere, because if you click it and the ‘click’ event is fired there is a console log that prints out “You pressed the button”.

There is no console log when the click is fired. The only thing that happens is that the counter is increased by 1.

On the other hand, the beginning of this chapter has a lot of duplicated content with the helloWorld sample from the previous chapter. Is it really necessary to explain all the concepts again?

Loving the book so far!
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You spotted one of our copy/paste errors. While re-arranging content this got duplicated. Will be fixed in the next update
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In version 6 this is gone. Let me know if you spot it anywhere still. All copy-pasting sloppery should be cleaned up now.