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Please share post publication errors in this folder. We'll compile and publish a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience. Thank you!

Susan Harkins
Errata Editor
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I'm going to go ahead and start posting the ones that I find or someone emails to me here, just so I don't lose them or forget. smilie

Page 59: "Catastrophic for you future"

Page 71: "...value in exchange for their email list" --> address?
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Page 250, last row. "The TV is literally programing you" while it should be "The TV is literally programming you"
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Adding a couple more that someone reported:

1) Page 126:

The last paragraph at the end of the page is also repeated at the beginning of the next page.

2) Page 169:

I think that there is an "of" missing here.
"Notice how each one these examples"
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Typos in the print book:

Pg 45: "fortune 500" should be "Fortune 500"
Pg 45: "risk-adverse" should be "risk-averse"
Pg 45: "publically" should be "publicly"
Pg 84: "boostrapped" should be "bootstrapped"
Pg 90: "eminent" should be "imminent"
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Adding a few more, reported by a reader:

giving you a target to aimat( aimat -> aim at)

Notice how each one these examples takes a broad("of" missing)

Do you know any very successful people (grammer)

above fice reps on this exercise.(fice -> five)

What he was doing that was so effective was tracking how(confusing sentence)

and what they really were that I could do my job better(that -> then)

Find someone who needs your help and them(incorrect sentence)

This is why when someone asks you a question that you know you know the answer to.(repeated words)

but try and identify your biggest assets and you biggest liabilities (you -> your)

It make take some time.(make -> may)

When you sit down to do you work in the morning.(you-> your)

on page 126 "Many would-be bloggers" this paragraph repeated.

In most cases, when you counter with your high counter. (confusing sentence)

If you can use more of the money you have to work for to buy assets that generate money you don’t have to work for, you’ll eventually make more money while doing the same amount of work or less.(confusing sentence)
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Page 333, under "How I got started" references wrong chapter in "In Chapter 50". It should read "In Chapter 49".