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Please share post-publication errors in this folder. We'll compile and publish a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience.

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regular expression replace correction
The replacement path needs to be replaced with a slash, not nothing. At least I needed to do this and that's how it is in github code repository for the book.

p80 the line

, locationPath = location.pathname.replace(pathRX, '');

should be

, locationPath = location.pathname.replace(pathRX, '/');
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The x and y axes in Figure 2.2 are labeled incorrectly. The x-axis is longitude and the y-axis is latitude.
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On page 13, it's mentioned that the book will be using the AMD format for ArcGIS JavaScript API. Unfortunately, at the top of page 23, the link to the ArcGIS Javascript API takes the reader to the legacy format.

It would be better if this link was to the AMD format page.
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Thanks for the catch on the figure.
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