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Please share post-publication errata in this folder. We'll compile and publish a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience.

Thank you!
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NODE_PATH variable missing
There is no mention of the NODE_PATH variable for Windows.
This variable must be defined as an environment variable and point to the node_modules installation folder. It is required in order to import modules with 'require("express");'
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Error in Listing 5.2 (Missing parentheses)
This line:


causes the request to hang.

The correct code should read:


Notice the parentheses.

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Thank you for your feedback! I will update the Errata with this information. One question: I assumed that the Node installation should automatically configure the NODE_PATH environment variable for Windows users. Is this not the case? Thanks!
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Apparently not. I had to add it myself.
I'm using Windows 7

Everything's working fine now.

Just finished it. Great book!