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Hi Jeremy

According to your post on, you have completely more chapters. I wonder when will they get published and released.... Hope to hear from you.

Thank you
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Hi Jeremy,

I am too looking forward to new chapters as mentioned in your recent blog. If possible, please let us know when those will be released.

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hey Jeremy - any update?? Would appreciate it if you at least reply and give us some updates with the book.
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Sorry about the delay, I haven't been getting the forum notifications and I think I now have that resolved.

I just talked to my editor and the MEAP should be updated in the next day or two. It is done by a team so they will get it today and usually get it updated pretty fast. So expect an email announcing the update very soon!

I'm very excited about the updates and will enjoy hearing your comments and suggestions!

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Hey Jeremy -

Thank you so much for the update.. Really looking forward to reading the new chapters!
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This update should address chapters 3 & 5. Chapters 6 & 7 are still in editing and will be released when they've had a little bit of a review. There is always a bit of lag between when I write a draft and for it to go through the editing process, but thanks for following!