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Your rewrite of Chapter 2 looks pretty good! A few comments for some minor issues:

Figure 2.4:
Update the screen shot from Hello Dracula to Hello World.

Page 24:
...and then install Express and save it to your package.json:
...and then install Express from the directory you just created:

Page 25:
At the top of the page insert "Run this app and visit http: //localhost:3000".

Listing 2.12:
Some code is missing. Add the variable declarations at the top of the code, and the call to listen() at the end, as shown in listing 2.11. Then it works fine.

Listing 2.13: This ran fine, but FYI it generated a couple of warnings to the console:
morgan deprecated undefined format: specify a format Listing2x13.js:7:9
morgan deprecated default format: use combined format Listing2x13.js:7:9

Listing 2.14:
I didn't really understand what to expect when I ran this. I tried adding a "public" folder with some images, but got the message "Looks like you didn't find a static file.". Also, the text states that "Hello, World!" may be displayed even though that message is not in listing 2.14. And the phrase "express.static will send it off" didn't gel with me. Some clarification in the accompanying text would be helpful.

Section 2.4:
Your example app worked fine, and really helped to tie everything together: it wasn't trivial, but wasn't too complex either, and most importantly it just worked - nothing to correct or debug. Nice job.

Also, as a general comment, it would be helpful to mention the github link to your examples within the text of the book, and also in Manning's "source code" link which is still providing a zip of the old examples.
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To be brief, these are all great comments and will be incorporated into the next version of Chapter 2.