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On December 10th, I e-mailed your support team letting them know that I had purchased your book, but was not able to access any of the resource files. I downloaded them, but when I tried to open the folder, I get an invalid error, or when I try to extract the files, I get an empty folder message. I am very anxious to work through some of these apps. Is there any way you could send the resource files to me through this e-mail address, or post them here, so that I can get started. Thanks!
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I have asked customer support to contact you today. We'll need to get a few more details.

Our apologies for the delayed response.

Rebecca Rinehart
Manning Publications
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I've just buy the book a few weeks ago but can't find the resources to do those activities in the book.
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I bought this book a few months ago off of Amazon. I tried downloading the files for the Fling It App and the sounds will not play. On any player. It says that they are possibly corrupt. Can you help me with this?
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I am looking for the resource files from the book tutorials - where can I download them from?