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Dear Paula, dear Carl,

First let me congratulate you with writing an excellent book, which helps young and old to start programming Android Apps by AppInventor.

Of course when publishing a book containing an App that calls external sources, things might get broken after some time, when the source of the external information changes formats.

This is the case with the Weather Watch App which is in your Chapter 12. World Weather Online changed its format and now uses a version 2 query and answers now in a format that can not be read by the App you've described.

It might be a good idea to update your book accordingly, and if possible use the forums to publish these kinds of updates between prints.

carl.simmons (13) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for spotting this Hugo and letting us know about it. We'd picked WWO as a fairly unchanging API - and typically they have changed it right after we have gone to print!

The new API now returns three rows of CSV data, so it's a bit trickier to access - I've made a quick work around (attached) - there may be a more elegant way to tackle it, but at least this version works for now!

Incidentally the Version 1 API still works if you already have a key for it.

Happy New Year!
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The World Weather link:

no longer exists. Any other options or suggestions?
carl.simmons (13) [Avatar] Offline
Looks like they have moved to

Worth a try!
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Thank you.