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I have several Manning books and now I also bought some MEAPs. I'm using a PocketBook reader and when viewing the MEAPs in ePub format, the font is very tiny, almost unreadable (I can't change the size), the code examples are either missing or displayed only partially and many pages seem to be "broken" (headings collide with subheadings etc.). I don't have these problems with non-MEAP books (Sass and Compass in Action, MongoDB in Action, Rails 3 in Action) - the pages look great and the books are a pleasure to read (big font, all code examples displayed etc.). Is this only temporary and will it change when the books come out of MEAP?


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Hi Filip
Good news is that final book will be same as previous final books you purchased. Code samples in final books are presented in form of images with all those arrows and presentable annotations.
Bad news is that PocketBook reader is lacking some features that are useful in reading Manning books. Code form <code> is not visible in PocketBook which is something that you need in reading Manning books whether they are within paragraph or as separate lines.

Font size of code samples in MEAP issues are still in form of text and that was the reason for us to put rigid font size "pt" and not relative value "em" to our text. In this way we have the best proportion between regular text and code text that is very important to us. Most readers we tested so far can adjust both type and we we didn't find that as a problem so far.

At this point we will recommend to use other reader for our books.
I will send feedback to PocketBook reader personnel and maybe they will solve these issues soon.

Thanks for your feedback and please contact me if you want to me to create alternative version for better reading experience.

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Hi Mehmed,

thanks for your reply. As I wrote I have several Manning books and I think all are displayed ok in my PocketBook (Basic Touch). I checked CoffeeScript in Action (both ePub and PDF) and everything is displayed equally. Maybe I'm wrong, but I guess it's all right smilie
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I am still waiting for personnel reply. Let's wait on what they have to say before we start improving.
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