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You mentioned you may need to do some more research on getting around the not having a Mac issue so I wanted to suggest http://www.macincloud.com/ as an option. I tried it out recently and it was super cool. The pay-as-you go and managed server options do not allow sudo so to get Ionic and Cordova to work you have to be a bit clever; however, I was able to get it to work and I was able to view my app running in the native Xcode iOS emulator. They have a dedicated option for $49/month that does provide sudo but at this point the hack I sorted out works fine.




If you don’t have a Mac, there are some options available ... that can help build your apps. (Possible Ionic tool here, need to do more research into options. Most are only able to provide a build, not simulators.)

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The Drifty team has been building out a service for allowing you to build apps for iOS even if you aren't on a Mac. It isn't yet ready so I haven't updated the chapter with details, however that will be the best option in most cases since it will be baked into the ecosystem.