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Hi Debasish,

Any chance that you will include a chapter about Free interpreters? I think this topic is ripe for some serious discussion in the format of a chapter. And to be honest, your book seems to be destined for this smilie

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  • Cheers, Mathias
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    Hi Mathias -

    Absolutely. I have just touched upon the concept of algebra and interpreters in Chapter 3, which has just been MEAPed. Didn't want to rush through in the first attempt, since I have not yet introduced Functors or Monads in any great detail.

    Chapter 4 should see much of what you are talking about. Then when I talk about CQRS in later chapters I will also discuss how we can have Commands as Free Monads whose interpretation generates Events - a pattern of how to implement CQRS as part of a domain model.

    Thanks for the links.
    - Debasish