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On Monday, December 8, 2014, Manning Publications launched new forums. These forums run in a different application than the previous forums. We migrated data from the legacy forums to the new platform. This included Book Forums and Posts, as well as User Accounts.

These new forums utilize single sign-on, so that users no longer need to register separately for our forums and the main Manning site. Our migration script automatically compared emails from existing Forum accounts to existing accounts, and linked them accordingly.


If you had accounts BOTH at and in the legacy Forums, using matching email addresses, you won’t have to do anything; just use your account credentials to log in to the new Forums.

If you had an account BOTH at and in the legacy Forums, but the emails do NOT match, simply add the email from the Forum account as an alternate email on your account, under your Account Details at

If you do NOT already have a account, but DID have a legacy Forum account, create a account using the same email address at Alternately, you can create a account using a different email address, and then add the email from your Forum account as an alternate email on your account. You can add or remove alternate emails on the account via your Account Details at

If you DO have a account, but did NOT have a legacy Forum account, just log in to the new Forums with your credentials.

If you do NOT have an account in EITHER the legacy Forums or, simply register at, activate your account, then log in at

Changing Your Display Name (username)

If you did not have an existing username in the legacy forums, the first time you log in to the new forums, your Display Name will be your Manning userID number. To change your Display Name:

  • Access your Profile from the menu under your username, located in the top right corner

  • Edit your Display Name and click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen

  • Log out and then log back in to the forums for the change to take effect

  • Support

    If you have any registration, login or account issues with the new forums, please contact Manning Support at