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Sizes of the pom.xml for three different examples in jpwh-2e-examples-20131217/.

The word counts of the pom.xml files for three of the examples are listed below.
They're all different.

This suggests that pom.xml files must be designed to match each project.
So for our own code how do we design our pom.xmls?
It's hard to see how this was done for the three examples.

I was assuming that Maven would not require us to figure out the pom.xml details.
But it seems that a single pom.xml won't cover all the examples.
That appears to leave the developer with decisions as to just what to put
in the pom.xml for each project that they develop.

The word count (wc) below shows that they are different without going through
and looking at the details of each pom.xml.

Are we looking at an analog of "jar hell" here in which we have to somehow
come up with the pom.xml magic sauce ourselves?

Here are three of the examples along with the pom.xml word counts:

$wc pom.xml
159 313 5717

$wc pom.xml
79 118 2630 pom.xml

$wc pom.xml
69 106 2285 pom.xml

I'm puzzled, I'm worried. Not sure how I'll be able to do this myself.

- Bob
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I too face the same issues.

Why can't they just provide some simple working examples?