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Hi Jeremy,

Have you looked at ngCordova ?

The creator of this tool worked last summer on Cordova and AngularJS, and frustrated by the lack of interfaces directly into AngularJS, he wrote ngCordova to tie in all the plug-ins into a single framework for IONIC.

The result is that everyone out there creating plug-ins is participating and adding new features every week. Its a great experience for anyone trying to learn how to code in these "mobile features".

Would you like to contact Paolo Bernasconi ? I'm sure he could tell you a lot more about this tool and what various people are contributing...

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Re: ngCordova
Hi Marcus,

I have looked at ngCordova, and talked with the Ionic team about it as well. I will be covering how to use some of the plugins it in the book, but I haven't started to write that chapter just yet

I'll keep your suggestion in mind to talk with Paulo, but I'd rather wait until I'm about to write the chapter. I will also be talking with the Ionic team about the plan for that chapter when it is time to write.