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Some thoughts:
- There is no information on how to download Express, install Express, and create a simple program! It's just bewildering that you have provided details on encryption, routing and testing, but nothing on how to create a "Hello world!" example. I guess that will eventually be in Chapter 2, but there is no chapter 2 at the moment. As things stand the book is close to useless for someone who does not know anything about Express.
- Many of the code listings are poorly formatted. For example, listings 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.9, 4.10, 4.11, 4.13, 4.24.
- You dwell on stuff that doesn't matter. For example, when discussing zip codes you state: "ZIP codes are five digits long (technically nine, sort of)". Well yes, but for a foreign reader who knows nothing about US zip codes this comment is unhelpful and confusing. Anyway, who cares? Just state US zip codes are five digits; that is all that is necessary. There are other examples of this unnecessary chatty digression on irrelevant minutae throughout the book.
- You have cleaned up the book with respect to some potentially offensive/inappropriate terms, but I urge you to remove all references to "Turd" and "barack_obama". You may think using "Turd" is amusing, but others may find it coarse and offensive. You may think Barack Obama is a great guy, but I am certain that some in your worldwide audience will have a different view. Use neutral terms in all your examples. Words and concepts that may offend or irritate are counterproductive, disrespectful to your readers, and convey an unprofessional tone.

I am really trying to like your book. Your down-to-earth enthusiasm is really refreshing, and it shines through on every page, but I see some major issues with the book as it stands.
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Re: Feedback for the V04 update
Thanks for your feedback!

The first two bullet points will be fixed soon. I'm doing a big rewrite of the first few sections of the book and all of that will be present. The malformed code listings will be fixed as well; we've had a few formatting problems here and there.

As far as the rest, I think I'm going a bit too far trying to be conversational and that can distract from what I'm really trying to do, which is teach you about Express. I'll go back and fix those.
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Re: Feedback for the V04 update
Hi Evan,

I have quickly skimmed the first pages of V04, and I agree with the points that Misa is making. I really need a tech book that explains how to use Express and Jade and perhaps some of the other templating engines. I would like to show the book to others and know that the content is not offensive. I would like younger folks to read your book and focus on getting results with Express.

So many thanks

Bob Cochran
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Re: Feedback for the V04 update
>You may think Barack Obama is a great guy, but I am certain that some in your worldwide audience will have a different view.<

Not to disgress too much, but I believe he was always more liked abroad than domestically. If I'd worry about it being received poorly, it would be mostly from very polarised Conservative U.S readers.

Overall, though, I don't think Obama is that controversial a topic for an example in a book unlike, say, Adolf Hitler.
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Re: Feedback for the V04 update
I think the safe thing is to change it to a name that nobody will have any opinion about, which I've done. You'll see that in the next MEAP and the final version of the book.