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Very good book.

The meantion in few place to look at the appendix for more info, however the book's appendix does not have the relavant meterial.

For example in the regular expressions chapter on page 227 in section 17.2 it says "a complete list of the special chracters ....... is given in the appendix at the end of this book".

However the appendix does not have anything about regualr expression.
Is there online appendix with the info ?

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Re: Missing appendix

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, there is no appendix, at least not for what you mention. This is because the first edition had a lot of the Python documentation in the appendix, but for the second edition we decided to leave it out and instead refer the reader to the official online Python documentation, which will always be more uptodate.

Unfortunately, as I reworked the book, I missed a few references to "see the appendix". In pretty much every case, those references really should be "see the official documentation online."

Sorry for the confusion.