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Anyone else getting this:

2014-11-13 05:19:52.274 | Syncing /opt/stack/oslo.messaging/requirements.txt
2014-11-13 05:19:52.275 | 'oslo.middleware' is not a global requirement but it should be,something went wrong
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Re: Oslo middleware bug
looks like 'sudo pip install oslo.middleware' resolves it,

My understanding of devstack is that it goes and pulls down a pile of dependencies while installing all of the components... So if one of those dependencies moves the whole thing can come crashing down like Jenga...

Looks like 1000's of dependencies too.

Quite frustrating because I think I had a working stack (KVM on KVM) with a few broken tests, was about to start playing with it when my VM ran out of disk...

If your'e going to set up a nested VM for this, go build your base machine.

Get Devstack, create the user... Do everything you need but just short of running ./

Shut it down... Start stacking on the clone... If you blow it up you're not too far down the rabbit hole to start again.

Once i'm done with my base setup I'll probably post my config scripts in case someone else wants to use them.
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Re: Oslo middleware bug
Now I'm just using this thread as notes to myself:

solves the pip dependency version error.
ERROR: Exception raised: requests>=1.1
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Re: Oslo middleware bug
Right, so the oslo.middleware bug isn't resolved via this trick.

Seemed like it was, but no luck.
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Re: Oslo middleware bug
So, I resolved this by adding

oslo.middleware>=0.1.0 # Apache-2.0

to /opt/stack/oslo.messaging/requirements.txt

machine finished stacking this time, this is super hacky and I bet it's caused by a disconnect in devstack framework between which library requires which library and I don't know if oslo.messaging actually requires oslo.middleware but it seems logical so I'm assuming that it's a bug in oslo.messaging right now.

However if it's a problem in the git call then it could easily be fixed by getting a specific tag or hash, I'm finding devstack seems to just fetch master which is really not a best practice for this sort of thing.
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Re: Oslo middleware bug

Unfortunately, even fetching from the stable/<release> branch does not always result in a working build environment. This has lead to much frustration and why I build the companion VM. The good news is that the process described in Part 2 of the book, while more involved from the reader prospective, is very stable.

Now that Juno has been released my hope is that the stable/icehouse branch will actually be stable smilie