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mangelo (25) [Avatar] Offline
I mentioned this when this MEAP first began and I see that its still not addressed. In your code samples and within Angello, you are referencing CSS classes that do not exist anywhere (span4, sidebar-content).

Where do we get these classes??????
Lukas Ruebbelke (107) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Missing CSS
Hi --

Could you give me an example?

All the source code is on Github at


mangelo (25) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Missing CSS
Listing 2.6

Where is span4 and sidebar-content? I tried including Bootstrap and that didn't work.

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mangelo (25) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Missing CSS
I found span4 in the book source copy of bootstrap. I still cannot find sidebar-content.
millard.ellingsworth (1) [Avatar] Offline
In v.9, this is still an issue. There is one mention of github in the book (deep inside and not related to the starter) and no discussion of what goes into app.css or what other CSS to use. So if you are trying to follow the book, your starter app looks horrible. Since you are trying to learn Angular, it's a distraction to guess what the CSS might be. And even after looking here and digging out the github repo and matching the CSS in the Angello Lite example, it still looks nothing like the book. It offers little confidence that continuing with the book is worthwhile. I realize it's a MEAP, but it's disappointing that the opening chapters are still in such disarray.