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"I'm going to assume you know a little about LESS, but we'll hardly go past simple features of the language; this will not be a LESS guide. I'll also try to make the LESS examples simple enough that they're compatible with SCSS, too; the two preprocessors have a lot of overlap."

Should SCSS read SASS?
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Re: 3rd paragraph, section 4.4.3 Compiling LESS
A little unclear.

There's a thing called Sass. It has two syntaxes: Sass and SCSS. SCSS looks a lot like CSS and LESS, and all valid CSS is valid SCSS. Sass, on the other hand, omits curly braces and doesn't immediately look like CSS. This StackOverflow answer explains the difference well:

They're both colloquially called Sass, though.

Some LESS is valid SCSS, but no LESS is valid Sass.

I chose to write "SCSS", but you could make the argument that I should've written "Sass".
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Re: 3rd paragraph, section 4.4.3 Compiling LESS
I guess the clarification you just provided on CSS, LESS, SASS, and SCSS would benefit the reader a lot if you could add it to the text. smilie