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I have a license for webstorm and just down loaded webstorm 9 which has support for cordova ionic apps. I managed to generate and run a sample project.

Is there any particular IDE you recommend or will webstorm do?

Also, will you be covering techniques for dealing with intermittent server side connections?
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Re: Development environment
I recently gave Webstorm a try, and its pretty nice. When I talked with the Ionic and Angular teams, many of the team use Webstorm as their primary editor/IDE. I may switch to it with the latest release and improvements with Ionic support.

I have been a long time Sublime Text user myself. I like a clean and minimal editor, but that is my preference. I also have been using Atom some recently with decent results. However in both cases I usually have at least one terminal window open running various tasks, which Webstorm should be able to help do without the terminal being open.

That is great question about intermittent connections, since mobile devices are subject to laws of cellular or wifi connectivity. The short answer is yes, I have it on my list to demonstrate some ways to deal with not having an active connection. Do you have a specific concern that I should consider while planning those later chapters?
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Re: Development environment
No specific concerns come to mind although in the past I did look for examples of dealing with intermittent connections and did find some. If I had a concern it would be about the impact on the battery life of the device.