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blueshark (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hello Bradley,

thank you for the nice examples. I currently reviewed your current upload.

I´m currently developing on a desktop pc and as long as I have a rift connected everything works fine there (If I don´t but call the default rift setup instead, everything is fine, too).

But actually I´d really like to get the things protable on my notebook, which has an intel 4400 hd graphics card and 1920x1080 pix resolution.

I´m using the rift in extended mode, so I have 2 monitors each with the same resolution.

As an easy example I tried your current version of Example_2_3_Display.
The parameter´s I receive by rift and primary monitor are perfect.
windowPosition=(1920,0) and windowSize=(1920.1080) but non the less the red/blue plane has the wrong size and its not centered on the rift but partly visible on the primary monitor and partly on the rift. I also tried to mainpulate this values but then I´m running out of index. Thus I think I´m adressing the rigth values. I tried this also with different resolutions of my primary monitor and the received values were always correct. Although in my opinion I was adressing the right position the position of the screen was not correct.

Could you give me a hint what could be the reason for this problem?

The SDK examples, oculus world demo and oculus room tiny are shown correctly on the rift.

I though such an easy as creating a recangular window with different colors has to be possible running on a notebook but now I´m doubting....

regards blueshark