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Hoping for better results on this question than my previous one, which sits unanswered many weeks later.

As I understand it, the spa-model.js module is complete in its final version as of Sec. 6.7.

In Sec. 6.3.4 the call in logout() to removePerson disappeared, and does not reappear in the remaining sections of the chapter, although the function remains in the model code.

Is this an oversight, is it going to be used again someday in a future chapter, or am I missing a call to it somewhere?
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Re: Sec. 6.7: nobody calls removeUser()?
Sorry about the delay, but we all have "real jobs." One can't make a living off of just publishing technical books, unless one lives in Bangladesh smilie

There really isn't an oversight here. Although unused, 'removeUser' is retained in case we or others need it in the future. It isn't needed in the model because we clear the browser TaffyDB on logout anyway, and we fully regenerate the user list when an 'spa-listchange' event occurs. If, however, we wanted to incrementally update the user list in the future, the removePerson method would come in handy.