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peter.hilton (233) [Avatar] Offline
#1 Mutually Recursive Functions is the first point in the book where I’m stuck wondering why? Somewhere, there’s a Manning editor asking ‘So What And Why Do I Care?’

Coming up with a real use case is obviously not easy, or you would have done so. However, if you don’t, then I’m having a hard time believing that this is ever something anyone needs to do. Right now I’m wondering whether the reason I’ve never written mutually recursive functions is because they’re a bad idea (e.g. unmaintainable), or because I wasn’t using this kind of functional language.

If you could come up with a better example, that would be great. If the only real example is something obscure - a use case that not everyone has, then that's useful to know too.

Note that this is made a little harder by the fact that the cat/hat functions don’t produce very interesting output. I quick look at the code suggested that (cat 400) would alternate between printing cat and hat, but it only outputs cat four times.
bill_cohagan (5) [Avatar] Offline
Writing a compiler would be a use case for mutually recursive functions.