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I found this section to be a little confusing at first. The reason for this is because I have always thought of cloud platforms as being a place where you store information remotely so when you jumped right in with the section on "moving applications to the client" I ended up confused as this seemed, at first, to be the opposite direction that the cloud works in. This confusion was resolved by the section "everything becomes a node" but I was wondering if it might be a good idea to explain how the cloud enables client to client communication in the introduction to section 1.1.3. I am still a little confused about how the cloud enables this client to client communication I suppose the cloud enables this communication because client information is actually stored on the cloud where the cloud software can automatically communicate this information with other clients but I am still not sure. I hope this helps!
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Re: comment on section 1.1.3 From Hypertext to Cloud Platforms
I'm thinking about a better term than "cloud platform", but without success so far. You are right that "the cloud" is already associated with certain characteristics and most people don't think about a multi-node environment.
I'm open to any suggestions how to make this more clear, perhaps I'll find something on my own. I am confident it'll be less confusing after the next draft.