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1. Sections of code use the wrong kind of quotes. They're not Ascii x22 and x27
For example on page 36

if (typeof console !== ‘undefined’)
console.log(“You pressed the button”)

should read:
if (typeof console !== 'undefined')
console.log("You pressed the button")

Affects code in many but not all spots

2. Missing quote on page 42
products: function(){ return ‘I am a product ; }
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Re: Erratta
Thank you very much!
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Errata: Chapter 2 code: No meteor project
After downloading the Chapter 2 code, extracting from the zip, there is no meteor project, just the code and images.
Fix: meteor create myFridge
then copy contents of the zip file to myFridge

got milk?
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Re: Erratta
When running chapter 2 code, if you move an item to the fridge the javascript console will display an error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'options' of undefined jquery-ui.js:6564

While this does not prevent the application from working the message can be fixed by changing the version of jquery-ui to 1.11.1
in myFridge.html:
<script src="//"></script>

Looking forward to ch.3.

- Signed the Reactive Manifesto on 17-Sep-2017
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Re: Erratta
Just a little typo at the very end of page 28 :
"The command line tool will take of that."
Should be :
"The command line tool will take care of that."

Thx for the data-id="{{_id}}" tip smilie
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Re: Erratta
You are very welcome smilie

And thank you for the typo, we will fix that!
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Re: Erratta
All reported issues have been fixed, will be in the next MEAP update.
All codes were revisited, those pesky characters word inserted instead of proper quotation marks and much more was fixed. Until you get the updated PDF you can find the code on Github:
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Listing 2-2

<template name="container"> #B
  <div class="container">
    <div class="left">
      {{>fridge}} #A
    <div class="right">
      {{> productList}} #A

It does not seem to make a difference, but everywhere else a template reference has a space after the > but not in the reference to fridge.


> fridge

This might be considered an errata.



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Thanks for bringing this up - we are actually in the process of wrapping our heads around some coding standards and jshint'ing the entire book's code for better consistency.
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Page 110, Listing 5-5:
<template name="houseForm">
    <h3>Edit {{name}}'s house</h3> #A
    <form id="houseForm">
        <fieldset id="house-name"> #B
            Name <input class="name" type="text" placeholder="Name" value="{{name}}"><br/> #C
        {{#each plants}}
            {{> plantFieldset}}


Nothing is displaying unless wrap with: {{#with selectedHouse}}

<template name="houseForm">
    {{#with selectedHouse}}
    <h3>Edit {{name}}'s house</h3>
    <form id="houseForm">
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Hope this doesn't sound too strange, but it's a feature, not a bug smilie
Check page 109, just before 5.3 Enhancing the houseForm...
  {{> houseForm selectedHouse }}

We are including the template and pass selectedHouse as the data context, so no need to use with.
Both work, however, so you can do it either way.
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You're right. Excuse me, I was not careful.
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No worries - you made an absolutely valid point.
We need to be more obvious about what a reader has to do in order to follow the examples. If it confuses you it may confuse others as well.
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In section 1.1.1, "Rob Johnson" should be "Rod Johnson" (founder of SpringSource)
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In section 1.1.2, change "even if it is goes beyond" to "even if it goes beyond"

Figure 1-1, change "MondoDB" to "MongoDB"
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With MEAP v7 that was published today all reported errata have been fixed except these two (will follow in v9):
63656 wrote:In section 1.1.2, change "even if it is goes beyond" to "even if it goes beyond"

Figure 1-1, change "MondoDB" to "MongoDB"
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I lied, it's fixed in MEAP v8 smilie
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Just love all the updates with all the great clear and concise text and graphics and GitHub repository immensely aiding learning and assimilation of the Meteor.js way of doing things in 'Meteor_in_Action_v8_MEAP.pdf' and I am rereading the entire book and noticed thus far excluding typos and the like that there is no second step (e.g. 2. Validate data) in 'Figure 1-8: Data flow using latency compensation'. As always thanks for your awesome content and many contributions to the community!
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Thanks so much for your kind words, I am so glad you like the book smilie
Also the second step will be added to be graphic, I promise!