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Overall, I thought the chapter was great. The one thing that I wanted earlier was to see some Elixer code. I was chomping at the bit to so some code and when you final show some, it is just adding two numbers together. I'd like it better if you showed some sweet code right off the bat.

If I were you I would mention Jose Valim's credentials. Knowing that is in a core contributor to Rails helps explain the aesthetics of Elixer.

As someone totally new to the language, I was confused as to how actors related to Erlang processes. Maybe this is not an important point this early in the book, but I was confused by it.

Section 1.2.1 should start with the word "One" instead of "On".
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Re: My Thoughts on Chapter 1

Thank you very much for these suggestions! I'll give it a thought and see how to address them in upcoming releases.