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There is no mention of testing in the table of contents. It would be very helpful to learn how to test a meteor app.
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Re: testing
Agree. However, the entire topic of testing is really not as stable as it should be for us to write a dedicated chapter about it. Perhaps we add something later, but I do not want to make any promises we cannot keep.

As of today (9/9/2014) Meteor is using Velocity as its official testing framework and it is not yet ready for Meteor 0.9: https://github.com/meteor-velocity/velocity/issues/99

We will definitely include some information about testing in the book, especially in the context of the packages chapter, but whether we want to dedicate more room to this topic depends on timing and availability of Velocity. We do not want to stall the book due to the testing topic which is in flux quite a bit (and no one benefits from outdated content in the book).
I'll keep you posted on how much we will eventually include.
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Re: testing
Looks like Meteor 0.9.4 will bring official support for testing with Velocity from the command line tool. I think we will find a way to get it into the book smilie
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In Chapter 1, "Maturity" it states that "An official testing framework does not exist." This could probably be updated now...
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Good point! That should make it into the upcoming v8 release of the MEAP smilie
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MEAP v9 will have an updated chapter 12 that mentions a bit more about Velocity in 12.1.2, but not a whole lot. This is because the entire testing chapter would else be much bigger and the frameworks used for testing Meteor are mostly useable for anything JavaScript (like Cucumber, Mocha, etc.).
It didn't make it into v8, which was published yesterday but will be available with the next update.
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I would absolutely love to see a chapter dedicated to testing. Both E2E and Unit tests would be amazing. A lot of us coming from rails use testing to help us solidify our understanding of what we're building and it would help me tremendously with meteor.
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Spoiler alert - We will not get an entire chapter on testing into Meteor in Action. The contents are now fixed and production preparations have been kicked off. I have reworked the testing section in chapter 12 a bit, Velocity with Jasmine and Cucumber would be my suggestions.

Cucumber and Jasmine are fortunately not Meteor-specific, so you can use the generic documentation to get started. Unfortunately I am not aware of any books that teach those JS testing frameworks in more depth. I know that Sam Hatoum gives a good overview (and sufficient depth) in his testing meteor book.